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Hope Service

Is available at Dialed in Hope, but in addition to new parts, you can also come to us for the repair and overhaul of your current Hope parts.

Hope parts are built to last, so we have the option to order spare parts for models up to 15 years ago! It is therefore possible that your favorite brakes or hubs do not have to be replaced.

Ask us for the possibilities! 

Maintenance & Repairs

For repair and maintenance you can also contact Dialed In! We ensure that your bike is ready for the trails again as quickly as possible.

Of course we deliver more than just Hope, we can also supply and replace other big brand on the market like Sram, Shimano and lots more. 

Bike Coating Sevice

Get your MTB coated at Dialed In and cleaning it will be a piece of cake!

The IGL Bike coating provides uncompromising protection and ease of cleaning. The coating protects against UV, light scratches and gives the bike a hydrophobic finish.

For more information please contact us without obligation!